Do You Need to Take Vitamins If You Have a Healthy Diet?

You eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetable with little consumption of refined sugar and flour-

So, do you NEED to take Vitamins?

This is a question people have been asking for years, wondering if buying expensive vitamins is really worth it.


3 MAJOR reasons why the answer is YES-

  • Quality of our Food 

  1. Where food is grown: Farmers are answering the demand to grow more, faster and uniform-looking produce. It is no longer about the taste and nutritional value, it is about fulfilling the demand. Most fruits and vegetables that are being sold in stores have been transported from miles away making the food less nutritious because the vitamins and other nutrients have had time to break down.
  2. Eating out of season: Most consumers do not pay attention to the seasons when it comes to their food selections. Food is being grown far away and is usually agriculture-backyard-blur-296230.jpgharvested before they are naturally ripe (before they can gather all the nutrients possible). To get as much nutrition from your food you should try to eat in season and to buy from local farms. This is not always easy to do and that is why you need vitamins to supplement your diet.  Vitamins can help fill the gaps of the nutrients you are not receiving with your diet.


  • Our Lifestyles

Several of us live very stressful lives with demanding work and family schedules. During these stressful times, our adrenal glands are pumping out massive amounts of adrenaline which is toxic to your body.  If you do not alleviate and reduce Stress it will start to harm your health causing high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Taking Magnesium and Vitamin C can help you combat these stresses.

In today’s world, your liver is overloaded and unable to work correctly to remove chemical toxins, and unhealthy metals and pathogens from our bodies. When these items are not removed from our body, several health conditions will arise.


  • Environmental Pollutants

Our bodies were created to have an internal detoxification process that helps to alleviate toxiPollutants.jpgns from our body so that it can function properly.  Today we have so many pollutants in our environment, the body is unable to eliminate them all. We need to help our bodies with the detoxification process by increasing nutrients in our diet.

Studies have been done showing that Vitamin B helps protect your body from pollutants.



Do you feel like you need further information on what vitamins are right for YOU? 

For more information, please call Dr. Carolyn Graham at 203-264-2200.



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