The GI tract is the gateway to the body. The intestines are inhabited by beneficial flora that aid in digestion, the absorption of nutrients, and the making of some vitamins. The integrity of the intestinal barrier is of vital importance.

Intestinal Permeability or Leaky Gut

A person is said to have intestinal permeability or leaky gut when the integrity of the intestinal barrier is compromised. Intestinal leaks may be caused by food allergies, toxic substances, genetically modified foods, parasites, bacterial imbalances, or other factors. Intestinal permeability may be expressed over time as irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, or other digestive discomfort. The inability to properly absorb nutrients over time leads to other conditions, such as fatigue. A compromised intestinal barrier may allow unwanted or harmful proteins into the bloodstream. The introduction of the unwanted or harmful proteins into the bloodstream can trigger an immune response, ranging from food sensitivities or allergies to more serious auto-immune related conditions.

Natural Intestinal Health

The first step in assessing the health of the intestines is with a stool analysis. The analysis measures the levels of intestinal flora, the presence of harmful bacteria, yeast, parasites, gut inflammation, and digestive ability. This information guides us to a specific treatment plan, which may include eliminating foods to which you are sensitive, rebalancing of flora, eliminating genetically modified foods, eliminating undesireable bacteria or parasites, and other diet adjustments to rebalance missing nutrients while allowing the intestine to heal.

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