Lyme disease can cause debilitating conditions that defy conventional treatments.

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10 Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  1. Bull’s Eye Rash
  2. Meningitis (swelling around the membrane of your brain)
  3. Neurological Issues including Brain Fog
  4. Painful Joints
  5. Headaches
  6. Heart Palpitations
  7. Bell’s Palsy
  8. Numbness and Tingling
  9. Shortness of Breath
  10. Fatigue

Supporting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain are the primary goals when treating lyme naturally.   We do this using botanical medicines effective for tick-borne diseases and immune support, as well as proper Nutrition.   All are important components of a natural lyme disease treatment plan.

Sometimes a strong course of antibiotics is often necessary.  We can work with you and your doctor during and after the antibiotic treatments to help lessen the related conditions, alleviate lyme-related symptoms and improve your overall health naturally.

Lyme Disease Questionnaire (HMQ)

If You Think You Might Have Lyme Disease 

Make an appointment right away if you think you may have lyme disease.  We utilize a laboratory for lyme-related blood work that has an excellent detection rate.  It is important to get tested and begin treatments right away, since lyme disease can have long-lasting, permanent effects.